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The man behind Pentir Sheepdogs is Glynne Jones, a livestock buyer and part time sheep and cattle farmer. Currently farming 100 acres in and around Pentir, nestled in between the Snowdonia mountain ranges and the North Wales coast. The farm hosts around 300 welsh mountain and easycare sheep, 20 beef cattle, and a strong pack of work dogs.

My aim is to breed top quality working sheepdog pups from the best DNA tested bloodlines in the UK.

The beginning of Pentir sheepdogs came about with a purchase of a female puppy from Graylees. Bred from Roy and Blue. In August 2014 Graylees Cêt arrived at Pentir to lay a very solid foundation for our breeding program.

Cêt has had a number of ISDS pedigree pups by now with Tweeddale Jamie, from the outset this was an amazing match.

Succession is well under way, we are now using the next generation, Pentir Jên is now top dog, and Telf Jinx second in command, with Cêt taking a bit of a back seat!! On our farm we have 3 Jamie daughters and one granddaughter.

Please drop me a message if you’d like to be on a waiting list for a powerful, quick, reactive, intelligent pup from DNA tested parents that are carefully selected to thrive on a modern sheep farm.


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